If you’re a digital nomad and thinking of heading to Santiago, Chile, grab yourself a copy of my guide. The Santiago: Digital Nomads Guides ebook tells you everything you need to know before landing (or after you’ve landed) in Santiago. It’s available to purchase on Amazon.

What are Digital Nomads Guides?

Digital Nomads Guides (DNG) the world’s first travel guidebook series specifically made for the needs of digital nomads, location independent entrepreneurs and remote workers.

The Santiago de Chile edition gives you all the information you need to get yourself started in Chile’s beautiful capital city. In the guide you re provided with the difficult stuff you need to know upon arrival like accessing ATMs, SIM cards and mobile network, understanding the transport system, where to find and how to ask for WiFi, what to eat, and how to meet other digital nomads.

I’m chuffed to be part of the DNG team: proud author of the Santiago guide and editor of the other guides.

Digital Nomads Guides series

The Santiago de Chile guide is the third guide to be published in the DNG series. You can also buy a guides for Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay.

Where can I buy the Digital Nomads Guides?

All guides are available to buy from Amazon for USD3.90. All can be read from your Kindle reader. Click on the links below to buy your guide on Amazon:

Santiago, Chile

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Montevideo, Uruguay

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