Skyline Santiago, Chilewo days in and we haven´t met too many other travellers so we decide to join a pub crawl in Santiago.

Of course, there are people from all over the world. There are some Germans – one who is already pissed after drinking too much at the first place (or possibly even before the pub crawl) and the other – also pissed – but expecting others to pay for his next drink. What the?

And there´s the Italian who stares intently at you as he spits (yes, spits) his words at you with vigour and waves his hands to emphasize his point, knocking drinks as he goes.

There´s the locals who come along for the cultural experience of meeting people from all over the world or, the seemingly more likely scenario, they are looking to pick up foreigners for a one night stand.

The Denmark brothers, who actually get very offended if you confuse their accent with another – especially German. Note to self: better keep them away from the drunk Germans.

The Brazilians who dance a little (lot) too close to make you feel a little (lot) uncomfortable about their possible expectations for later on in the night.

The young Norwegian engineering student on a study tour who, like a puppy, can´t keep his attention on one person, conversation or beer for too long.

And the American who is so forward you dance with the Brazilians just to avoid his advances.

And, in the universal manner most pub crawls finish, half of the group naturally end up pashing locals, or each other.

What? We were just following the rules of the Santiago pub crawl.